I went on social media and google for a week and it was the worst decision i made of 2020


Things were going well for me i had so much mental clarity and i thought that i can learn to balance the use of technology but as i went on the internet and by it i mean google and social media my mind fell into a rabbit hole of addiction and also i was not thinking clearly nothing seemed right to me and all those months of focus and wellness disappeared and then i realized how dangerous technology is.

We always have this notion or thought in mind that technology and social media is neutral and that we control it, it doesnt control us but what should or can we say when neurologists reveal that it has chemically changed our brain wiring and the minds of people pre-social media and post-social media are not the same. There is so much going in life that in 2020 we need to learn about digital minimalism but I would go as far to say internet and technology minimalism.

In this day and age of fake information and fake people we need mental clarity, solitude, self reflection and the ability to be able to live alone and also without our phones and not go crazy. It is a bit absurd to think about that most people cant live without a technological device thats the size of their palm and it controls almost their entire lives. What are we becoming into and where are we heading, whats going on in this world, where are the silicon valley giants taking us and why are we following them? Only time will tell.


Just when I thought the flex and front couldn't get any harder

Isolation and introspection has given me a lot of time to think about many things and one of them being that even though i have followed all of my goals which i listed in my last post i cant help but think if its all a hoax and maybe 2020 is a year of awakening to remind us to reconnect with ourselves again.

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I do realise that we live in a supposedly woke generation but what is woke anyway when our woke definitions changes with every new and shiny thing we see on the internet. When the internet had come into being no one thought it could have such a massive control over our lives anyway but these days it seems as if we are the victims as if we wouldn’t be able to live without it and yes yes yes at this time people would say i need it to use google, google maps, waze, youtube, for social media marketing and so on and so forth but is it really getting too much fast.

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Not spending time on social media or googling things has made my mind rewire itself to pre-social media but the implications and technological use scares and frightens me, this is just the beginning and its this bad now what will happen when the robots arrive in every home and the taxis go bye bye and the flying cars come in. The internet was meant to unite us but we feel even more and more scattered and its just not real the experience, our mind is mildly drugged by it and the intoxication never goes away.

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In an increasingly distracted world i am sticking to the old school way of life and here’s hoping you find your sacred sanctuary too.

Love, Samina.



Back from the hiatus and digital minimalism

I have felt terrible during the last couple of months mainly because my mental health hasn’t been good and also because I had and have fallen into the very depressive mindset of not writing, reading, or blogging because of fear. Lots and lots of it.

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But now I have decided to just suck it up and learn to do the things that I want to do with my life and not to let any sort of fear get in the way. And to do that I took a couple of steps.

Step 1: Get of all social media and yes deleting social media and then stalking people through google is still like being on social media because your brain is still getting the fake happy neuro-chemicals which keep you addicted.

Step 2: Get off google because googling is a waste of time and a downward spiral and hurts mental health and self esteem.

Step 4: Install a website blocker on your phone, tablet and laptop.

Step 4: Delete all the urges from your devices, yes disabling google chrome is a little extreme but bear with me, you will get your focus back within the a few weeks of deleting it. Yes google is making you dumb whether you admit it or not.

Step 5: If you want to go on the internet use it on your laptop. But wait what about having no google, well you need to bookmark the websites that you have to use.

Step 6: Figure out what you are going to with all your free time. Learn a new skill, read a book, start cooking. Whatever floats your boat just do it.


Happy digital minimalism and I hope, pray and wish that in this technology obsessed world you get your power back.

Happy New Year.


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Its going to get better the only way is up

Things feel fine to me, I am happy and more relaxed as I started to go back on and follow my goals of 2020 but I need to keep in mind to not make this mistake again in this race of attention economy I need my focus and time back because attention and time are the most precious things and now when people are starting to think about all of this its getting better, in the beginning we used to think that these technological tools were here to help but we have become slaves and zombies to it people are talking now, everyone is gaining perspective. Its going to get better im taking my power back heres hoping you take yours too. Im focusing on my goals and ambitions now heres hoping you focus on yours too. It will getter better the only way is up because we have hit rock bottom in the recent years but now people will go back to the simple pleasures of life and maybe just maybe there will be peace within our souls, what we lacked in this internet age maybe we could get it back, maybe when love meant actual love we could mean it now as well. It will get better, things will get better.

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